Based on a wide-span of IT industry knowledge, we have plenty of experiences providing market insights
and strategic solutions.
Affluent experience to conduct IT centric-project and project methodologies
Methodology to bring out strategic implications, based on accurate data gathering and objective reasoning
Understanding overall arena of telecommunications industry, accumulated from conducting various projects
Capability to analyze business process and customer needs facing digitally converging era
INFIDES Knowledge DB is structured by three key segments that are updated at a daily basis:
Regions- Asia Pacific, North America, Japan and others
Industries- Digital Home Appliance, Portable Device & Home Network, Network & Service,
    Contents and Applications, and Policy & Regulation
Key Player Watches- Celco/Telco, Manufacturer, Content Group, Broadcasting Company
    and Equipment Vendor
This knowledge structure enables us to be in a competitive position to provide right information
at the right time.
We have established strategic alliances with more than 160 global research and consulting firms to cooperate under open debate environment.
Using regional masters and analysts through strategic partnership with 160 professional
      research & consulting firms